This family of three plus furry baby sits in the grass at a park in Santa Monica during their family photo session with ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services

Family Portrait at the Park

I love this family very much and I am very grateful we met at a park for their family portrait as we got to use the sunset in a different scenario then the beach. I love variety and challenges, because that’s where I find my inspiration to create a picture that fits its subjects and not the other way around.

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Family of five poses at Tongva park in the setting sun for ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services

Like a Wolf Pack

This week has been full on emotions and political changes that were not anticipated. Whether or not you agree with the majority of the States electing Donald Trump as the new President, here in California is no secret that we were expecting a different outcome.

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Black and white image of a placenta and its cord photographed by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services

A Piece of Peace

Whatever you do, I hope you’ll take a minute to honor and be thankful for the service the placenta has provided to your baby for nine months. I think this is a closer step to protect children and their moms at birth and the only way we can initiate a better world and potentially heal it.

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Special Guest

This week I have the pleasure to introduce you to my wonderful birth keeper sister Dr. Grace, PT, DPT.

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the benefits of vernix
Doula Support

The benefits of vernix

Blog post about the secret and unknown benefits of vernix and why it is important to allow baby’s skin to absorb it right after birth

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Gentle VBAC birth mama during pushing
Doula Support

Gentle hospital VBAC

Blog story about a gentle hospital VBAC that took place in Santa Monica and captured by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services.

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shameless cesarean birth
Birth Photography

Shameless Cesarean Birth

I want the shame to stop.
I want mothers to feel celebrated, loved, respected and seen; no matter how they end up birthing their babies.

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