In this black and white photograph ArtShaped Photography a toddler discovers the wonders of natue by taking in the smell of a freshly picked daisy.

Babies don’t sleep, Babies don’t keep

The truth is that this is not the case and no one will ever ask your daughter, the day she decides to apply for a job at NASA, at what age did she reach all her milestones and how fast.
These first fast paced days of motherhood are for you and for you only. Nobody is watching and nobody gets a prize.

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IN this color image by ArtShaped Photography we witness the first moment right after birth where mom and her baby are finally united earthside.

The Fourth Trimester

Ideally you will be following the rhythm of your baby and sleep whenever he does. If you are planning to breastfeed grab a nice book to have next to your bed, it is a more engaging way to stay present and bond with your baby than scrolling your Facebook feed.

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Colorful image by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services where mom and dad rest in between contractions of labor while their midwife checks baby's heart rate by theyr side.

Midwifery Care vs Standard OBGYN Care

A midwife sees the mother and baby as a unison being working together to go through a process that is meant to be (often) long, intimate, and undisturbed; and that may require for this reason, simply the presence of support and not necessarily the need of action and intervention.

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Black and white image of father holding his son in the air while he laughs and enjoys the ride looking at the camera of ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services in Santa Monica, CA.

5 tips to photograph your baby with your phone.

Take a from a professional birth photographer– you need more than a smart phone for smart (meaning beautiful) photos of your wee one and other family members. Here are some simple ways to help that new the camera in your new phone take photos you’ll treasure forever.

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In this color image by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services we witness a hombirth midwife performing the first pediatric visit on a newborn baby, just born at home in Los Angeles CA

About your baby’s pediatrician

After birth, most of the attention goes to baby and moms often forget to take care of themselves, physically and emotionally. One of the things that can be arranged before your baby is born, is to make sure who is going to be her pediatrician.

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Maternity Portraits

Maternity Session at the Santa Monica Pier

I am always so happy to introduce new spots to my clients, even though they may have lived locally for years, there is always an opportunity to see something new and unexpected. Maternity Sessions can be that magical if you choose the right photographer 😉

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Fall and moody looking family photography session at Tongva Park in Santa Monica CA, during a foggy day with ArtShaped Photography and BIrth Services
Family Photography

Fall Family Session 2018

‘Tis is the season for your Family Session!
As the Holidays are rolling upon us faster and faster, this is the best time to call your trusted photographer and book your family session.

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Birth Photography

The magic of food during labor

The importance of eating during labor is now reiterated by research: some food, not only helps sustain mom but facilitate her birth and post partum.

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Pregnant mother looks sideways to her partner while he embraces her from behind during a sunset photoshoot on the cliff at El Matador State Beach with ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services.
Doula Support

9 Tips for your Pregnancy

Feeling overwhelmed during pregnancy? Here are some of my favorite tips to help you thrive during the change your body and soul are undergoing.

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In this colorful slideshow Artshaped Photography captures the reality that sometimes homebirth transfer to hospitals. In this case, mama needed to rest and after she did, she pushed her baby out surrounded by an amazing team of partner, nurses, OB and her midwife who never left her sight.
Babies Photography

Baby Meadow’s birth story

From the moment I walked into their house to document their birth, all I could sense was peace. Mom decided to transfer to the hospital at some point and despite the madness of lights and revolving door of nurses I usually witness, this time, this birth was calm, respectful and honored.

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Family Photography

Outdoor Photography Activities for Kids in Santa Monica

You will usually find most children these days busy on a computer or phones and tablets. Or you will find them watching television. All these activities cause them to sit in one place for a prolonged duration.
Learning photography will pique your child’s curiosity and help them become more creative.

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