A Day in the Life

Proud moment for ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services for qualifying as one of the top 100 images during the 2017-2018 year competition.
This image recently made top 100 in the Shoot and Share (http://shootandshare.com/ ) annual contest.
Top 100 among 413k photos entries from 160 different countries!
What I loved most about this contest was that the 81 Million votes were voluntarily cast as is the contest itself.
I LOVE this photo, not only because it is a portrait of my family, but also because it captures a very typical moment in our family life.
As habitual as this stage is in our current family rhythm, this photograph holds the knowledge that these moments will soon fade away as our children grow older and I know that I will cherish having captured them even more so in years from now.
It’s hard to be believe that at some point our little ones will have their own house, job and family. As furiously chaotic our current days are, I know one day soon we will miss the energy of our children being constantly around us and looking back at these images will be bittersweet but also a treasure we will happily dive into and cherish.
Day in the Life photo sessions are few hours ( 4-6) long sessions that aim to capture a typical day in your family life. In a totally orchestrated candid format, I witness through my lens the good, bad and raw of your day. From meals to playtime to bath time, I spend the day with you and your family and intentionally register the beauty of the simple moments, which although familiar reveal the authenticity of your family joyous moments.
When looking back at their session, often families comment on the fact that because ordinary, it’s often hard to stop and savour the everyday moments and thus it is hard to believe how magical and unique they actually are.
By being documented they transform into the compass of a family’s history. A family’s legacy and tradition.
Please contact me for more information. I always love to chat!
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