Happy New Year! I hope the new calendar has brought you joy and peace already.

As it is custom with the start of something new, I have made a few resolutions for 2017. I will keep pushing myself beyond my comfort when it comes to my business and personal growth, moreover I will cultivate learning as an opportunity to create abundance in my life. ABUNDANCE, in fact, is my word for this year, 2017.
Among the projects that I am envisioning to embrace, I have committed to create a photo album comprehensive of lifestyle photos for each day of the year, as part as the #365photochallenge. I admit it is a bit intimidating and it does seem a huge commitment, but I do find it inspiring to be challenged to find beauty in everyday life and worth to photograph it. Also, I am becoming more aware every day that I do need to add myself it the photos I am taking, to prove I exist!
Below are some photos from the project so far, what have you been creating so far in 2017?
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