Almost En-caul.

Few weeks ago I witness the most gentle almost En-caul birth.

En-caul means that baby is born with the amniotic sac still intact around her. Like a little bubble. The odds of this happening are very low because of repeat pressure and release that happens during labor and the constant movement that baby has to do to descend the birth canal.
Usually, whether the care provider breaks the water or it breaks spontaneously, babies are born simply wearing their birth suit.

But this baby was born almost en-caul!

I attended the birth of her sister almost 3 years ago and I was so nervous to be on call for this family because I knew that it would be hard to know when mom would be in labor. To make it all even more exciting, this baby had been giving us false alarms for a few days now and clearly she was telling us that she was the boss of all of us!

Color image of man wearing surgical mask reaching out with his right had to touch pregnant belly of a woman standing ina birth tun and looking down at him.
She is always so gracious and very present. And the only time she is showing signs of having to deal with surges is when she is so close to deliver her babies. Last time, both me and the midwife almost got fooled and she almost had her baby in the toilet!

Woman leaning against a birth tub full of water. Man wearing a surgical mask rubs her back behind her in the water. Child wearing a bathing suit watches their interaction while also in the tub.

This time she had been laboring in the birth tub for a while, at some point two of her older daughters joined her and her partner, as one of them was hoping to catch her baby sister.

Woman in labor moans during contraction as her daughter rubs her belly and her partner holds her from behind while the three of them sit in the birth tub.

As she started to moan and grunt, we saw a bulge starting to emerge. It was baby!!

As she kept pushing the bulge kept growing and baby was born almost en caul!

Woman pushes during contractions and the bulge of baby en-caul starts to appear.

Woman in labor reaches down to feel the head of her baby being born in water at home and almost en caul. Partner holds her behind leaning against the birth tub.

It was so beautiful and special. She made it look so peaceful and effortless, as mama listened to her own body and took the time to welcome her baby earth-side.

Woman looks up as she embraces her newborn baby born in water at gome. Man wearing a surgical mask holds her and looks at her. Woman wearing a surgical mask reaches out to check on baby born almost en-caul with a gloved hand.

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