An Emotional November Birth

The first time I spoke to Daddy A. over the phone, I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed by how incredibly outgoing he sounded. Also, I was not sure why he was the one inquiring about Doula services, when, usually mom is in charge of that quest.
We met at a cafe and mama C. was just emerging after months of morning sickness. I fell in love the moment I met them both and really looked forward to meeting their baby from that moment on.
As we got closer to their EDD, the amazing team of OBs at #ronaldreaganUCLA became increasily worried about mama C. high blood pressure.
There was no other choice than to induce.
Both mom and dad embraced the experience with grace and high spirit. I joined them after few hours as things started to move pretty fast. First the contractions got very strong and within few hours, the water broke.
By the morning mom C. was ready to hug her baby out and after showing off the strength of a lioness, she pushed her son into this world.
It was a beautiful sunny morning of a warm November in Los Angeles.
At that point, I was already wearing my #birthphotographer ‘s hat. which often serves me as a magic tool because I get to see the wander and miracle of birth from the stillness and quiet of my camera.
In the mist of the cheering and checking that both mom and baby were ok, I am not sure how many of the hospital staff members had the chance to pay attention to dad. But what I saw and heard was priceless.
He was sobbing. Tears of joy and happiness so pure that he almost sounded like a child.
It had happened, yet again. He saw the miracle of life to explode right in front of his eyes. A miracle, his miracle he took part in creating with his love and wife.
When mom got to see the images after, she was so grateful to have the opportunity to see her husband’s face and emotions the moment he saw their child. She wouldn’t have ever known that moment had existed, hadn’t she been able to see it with her own eyes through pictures.
This right here is why I love being a #birthdoula and #birthphotographer. To hear them say: “I felt so empowered” and ” you captured the journey of our birth and made it sacred”.

So many hands in this color image by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services. The hands of birth who readily and steady are there to make the immediate connection between mom and baby, as baby emerges from the womb.

Color image of the moment Dads sees his baby for the first time, right after mom has delivered him into this world. Moment captured by Artshaped Photography and Birth Services.

Color image of mom's profile while she kisses her baby hand, moments after birth. Image captured by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services in Los Angeles, CA

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