As it is custom with the start of something new, I have made a few resolutions for 2017. I will keep pushing myself beyond my comfort when it comes to my business and personal growth, moreover I will cultivate learning as an opportunity to create abundance in my life.

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Color image of close up of baby features while held by his mom still in the birth tub and assessed by the midwife. Moment captured by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services/

End of Year Reflections

This year has been all about pushing myself over any boundary and comfort. I am grateful for the challenge and even more inspired to do the work in 2017.
May the year ahead of you be full of Love, Peace, Health and deliciousness…especially in the form of chubby newborn babies.

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Los Angeles based ArtShaped photography photographs a pregnant mother with the colorful graffity of Venice, California.

Growing a Belly in Style

This week I am thrilled to share the maternity photo session I captured a couple of weeks ago. The mom who is featured in the session is very dear to me as she was the very first person who trusted me and my camera at her birth of her second baby.

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In this photograph by ArtShaped Photography and birth services with see a newborn baby sleeping with her hnad under her cute squeeshed face.

Dreams for the Future

Why is it that we don’t spend more time holding babies. In general, I mean. It should be a mandatory class for each university course! It should be that we gather around the miracle of these tiny creatures more often and that we demand that the time to do so is guaranteed to us.

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Black and white image by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services of mother in labor leaning on he rpartner during labor contractions.

New Baby on the Block

This baby’s mom and dad are solid and during labor I witnessed what love with the capital L is. From the moment mom went into labor, through each and every contraction and the time baby joined them earth side.

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