Baby Kiam’s Birth Story

I would like to dedicate this week blog to Baby Kiam, who just turned few days old.
He certainly has been awaited for from his very patient parents, who embarked their parenting journey three years ago. Yes, three years! I am sure that Liam was very eager to join us too, but IVF can be a pretty long process. Heartbreaking and enduring. But I clap my hands and cheer in the honor of this family who is finally reunited, from previous adventures of past lives and planets, I am sure.
I take the liberty of making this statement because, I was there, you see? I had the privilege of capturing it all on camera and as you’ll see with your own eyes, it’s pretty clear Baby Liam knew exactly who his parents were. The very instant he was born, he was so alert and stared in his papa’s eyes.
Labor might have been considered long by few. To me time always flies when I am supporting a mom in labor, but I am sure for Mom the expectation and anticipation of meeting her Baby must have felt like an eternity. But what are few hours compared to the lifetime joy of loving your Baby?
This family also had a wonderful team of Nurses and Midwives, who listened and never judged. Advised and never pushed. Gently assessed and hold these parents hands when it became pretty clear that it was not possible to welcome their Baby with the shape of birth they had wished for.
Baby Liam was born via Belly Birth, surrounded by love and lots of happy tears.
It nothing less than a miracle to watch these three beautiful souls touching, smelling and smiling one another. I hope you cherish their photo journey as much as I do.
Black white image of mother using the hospital birth bar to push her baby out. Image captured at UCLA Westood by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services.
Baby latches on mama's breast for the first time in this photograph by Artshaped Photography and Birth services.This black and white image is the proof that babies can feel everything since the moment of birth. In this picture by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services we witness baby shedding a tear as he looks at his daddy for the first time.


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