Baby Meadow’s birth story

This week I want to honor this family of very special beings who welcomed their baby in February.
From the moment I walked into their house to document their birth, all I could sense was peace. Mom decided to transfer to the hospital at some point and despite the madness of lights and revolving door of nurses I usually witness, this time, this birth was calm, respectful and honored.
Mama Jacquelin recently shared a brief version of her birth story with me, which is featured below.
I included also the slideshow I created for them. I have just started to add video to my services and I can not wait to show you how the result looks like.
My Fall schedule is filling up, so if you wish to hire me as you birth photographer and videographer this is the time to get in touch.
“We had been planning a homebirth the entire pregnancy but in the end was not able to have that. My Contractions started  Friday morning at 12am, and began to intensify every 5-8 minutes… this had been going on for a whole 3 days with no progression. By the end of the third day, I was extremely exhausted and couldn’t deal with the pain anymore. At this point I had to let my ego go about being so strict on having a homebirth and go to the hospital for an epidural to get rest to be able to push out Meadow. I finally went to the hospital that Monday morning at 1:30am.
My hospital experience was truly amazing. 
Dr Chivyra was a very understanding doctor and continued to let us know that we would still be able to make our choices. Even with the epidural, and now pitocin being given to me, baby girl still didn’t want to come out. Now it is 5pm Monday, and my midwife asked me to start pushing. Nothing was progressing still and Dr Chivyra said if it continued this way that we would have to use forecepts or do a c-section. At that moment I remember telling myself with so much aggression “NO! YOU ARE FUCKING PUSHING HER OUT ON YOUR OWN”… and an hour or two after that, Meadow finally came out!!!  I pushed her out vaginally without the help from my contractions as well, not sure what was going on, but even my contractions weren’t strong enough. A total of 4 days of Labor.
Our Midwife @birthingBlyss is the most amazing woman ever. She truly honors you as a person, Mother, and woman. She’s very in tune with your needs and wants. Her energy is very loving, nurturing and caring. If you are planning a homebirth and need a midwife she is your woman!”
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