The benefits of vernix

Check out the deliciousness of vernix this baby was born covered with!


this birth picture caputred by ArtShaped Photography and birth services shows a baby covered in white frosting and depicts the numerous benefits of vernix.
Vernix caseosa is translated from Latin as varnish cheese and it is the waxy white cheesy coating that often covers babies when they are born.
* It’s made out lipids, amino acids, proteins, antibacterial, and antimicrobial compounds that only humans can produce. Magic!
* It starts forming at 27 weeks of gestation to protect baby’s skin from becoming too waterlogged during pregnancy.
* It protects baby from meconium, which the first baby’s poo in the womb ( more on this on another post).
* It serves as a temperature insulator until baby can cuddle on mom’s chest, which the best and most powerful incubator ever invented.
* It is the lubricant of labor, helping baby having a smooth transition through the birth canal, thus minimizing possible birth trauma.
* It muffles sound.
* Some babies have more than others depending on the gestational week they were born and whether they were born vaginally or not. Also, if baby is overdue, vernix is not there because it has been already absorbed in the womb.
* The proteins found in the vernix and amniotic fluid are very similar to the ones found in breastmilk. Hence vernix is considered responsible for prepping baby’s digestive system for nursing. It’s way better moisturizer than coconut oil or shea butter.
* Vernix protects mom’s too from infections and facilitates healing from tearing.
For all these beneficial properties, Vernix does not need to be rubbed off. Rather it should be massaged on baby skin like a beauty lotion and let it be absorbed for about 5 to 6 days before giving baby a bath.

Fun fact>>>
When my second baby was born at home, I had no clue about vernix and to be honest, I was so stocked about my VBAC that cuddling with my baby was all that matter to me in the moment.
So when one of my midwives asked me if I wanted to ‘save’ some of the vernix, I, of course, declined to find out later on that the other midwife shortly after the vernix was discarded, went trash diving to retrieve it and rub it all on her face…apparently one other magical property of vernix is the anti aging factor :O)

Was your baby born with lots of vernix?
Leave me a note.

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