Birth Power to the Mamas

There is a little war going on social media, Instagram especially.
Often birth photographers see their work censored because considered too graphic, despite the abundant amount of nudity that gets a green light just because it is considered acceptable to show woman private parts when they are used to seduce and porn up the internet.
We, birth keepers are a little rebellious kind, so we have been posting even more graphic images and even more often to make a point: just because we are used to advertise female bodies as objects, it does not mean it is acceptable. We women want our power back and that starts, didn’t you guess it, at birth.
The mom portrayed in the following photos is nothing short of a warrior. When I arrived at her house, on a cold winter night, she came to fetch me in the middle of her contractions.

Pregnant mother sits on a yoga ball while talking on the phone to her midwife and giving her an update on her contractions. Image captured by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services

She looked a bit tired but she was still very chatty and happy. Ready to jump inward during contractions and yet present in between.

When her midwife arrived, we both wandered if perhaps was still early to be watching her going into active labor.
Sure enough, in a matter of minutes, she went from sitting on the toilet trying to control her water bag liking from her bottom to breathing through her pushing urges.
Black and white image photographed by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services where dad holds his partner knee as she starts to push her baby into the world.
We all gathered around her in the living room and within few minutes she hugged her baby out.
In this colorful photograph by ArtShaped Photography and BIrth Services we witness the moment right after baby is born, supported and cought by his mom, dad and the midwife.
Dad run to wake up their two other daughters so they could meet their newest sisters.
It was a such a calm, peaceful moment.
Color image courtesy of ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services of newborn baby doing skin to skin with her mom, moments after her homebirth in Los Angeles, CA
Color image captured by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services of newborn baby, still wearing her color and fluids of birth, lying next her placenta and waiting to be assessed by her midwife.
The little cherub was ‘only’ 9.5 lb!!
Color picture of a mothe rnursing her newborn while the midwife checks her vitals and her older sisters participate in the new love fest.
Giving birth is such a family affair!
“The whole point of natural birth is the knowledge that a woman is the birth power source. She might need help, but in essence, she always had, currently has, and will always have the power”. Heather MCcue.
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