Right after birth this baby is resting on his mother's chest with his eyes closed and looking beautiful and pink. Photographed by Artshaped photography in west Los Angeles.

Through the Lens of Birth Photography

It is the most sacred experience and closest to the divine, besides giving birth. No matter how many times I have walked into the birth space and attended the love fest party of a family giving birth, I always leave high on happy hormones, with a heart full joy for the hope that a new life may bring to the world.

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Birth Team Supports a mother in labor. During contractions midwife Monica Wood monitors baby's heart. Image by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services.

The Doula and Birth Photographer Cape

I am just a witness, a vessel that has worked with mom for weeks beforehand to make sure mom feels empowered, knowledgeable and loved enough to recognize that she can give birth in the best possible given way.

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IN this color image by ArtShaped Photography we witness the first moment right after birth where mom and her baby are finally united earthside.

The Fourth Trimester

Ideally you will be following the rhythm of your baby and sleep whenever he does. If you are planning to breastfeed grab a nice book to have next to your bed, it is a more engaging way to stay present and bond with your baby than scrolling your Facebook feed.

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Colorful image by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services where mom and dad rest in between contractions of labor while their midwife checks baby's heart rate by theyr side.

Midwifery Care vs Standard OBGYN Care

A midwife sees the mother and baby as a unison being working together to go through a process that is meant to be (often) long, intimate, and undisturbed; and that may require for this reason, simply the presence of support and not necessarily the need of action and intervention.

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In this color image by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services we witness a hombirth midwife performing the first pediatric visit on a newborn baby, just born at home in Los Angeles CA

About your baby’s pediatrician

After birth, most of the attention goes to baby and moms often forget to take care of themselves, physically and emotionally. One of the things that can be arranged before your baby is born, is to make sure who is going to be her pediatrician.

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