DIY Dreamcatcher

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Here are the instructions to make your own Dream Catcher. Please be as creative as you like, especially in the color choices or material gathering, taking in consideration where will you end up hanging it: what colors are the walls? What sits next to it? Etc. etc.
Material Needed:
Two embroidery hoops.
One smaller then the other.
Embroider floss
Glue ( optional )
Hanging garnets that you can gather from the park.
Directions: First let’s make the yarn moon. By holding ( or gluing ) the two hoops together at one spot, begin wrapping the yard around; when your hops start to diverge, wrap the yarn in a ‘figure 8’ pattern. Make sure that the wrapping is pretty tight, as you’ll notice that the yarn will tend to slip off as you move along the embroiders wider parts. You can also break the ‘figure 8’ pattern with an extra single wrap along one embroiders’ edge now and then.
Once the moon is complete, you can start weaving the dream catcher. You can use the aid of a wool needle for this part. Always enter the hoop from back to front and come through the loop you just created and pull tight. Once you’ve made a full circle, start the same process but in the middle of each line you just created. Never making knots, just loops. Make as many rounds as you wish and end with a knot.
Finally, create your hanging accents. You may use beads, leaves, feathers, little sticks, acorns. Attach the embroider floss to the outer part of your moon and secure it to each garment with a knot or hot glue.
Sweet Dreams!


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