End of Year Reflections

This is going to be a somewhat more personal than usual blog as we draw to the end of 2016 and I find myself reflecting on the past 12 months. Last week I broke my foot. I decided to go for a quick jog before starting to prepare the meals for Christmas Eve and Day, the kids were out and about with my husband and I was looking forward to turn off my phone and just enjoy the Holidays with my family.Instead, I fell into a pot hole, twisted my ankle and fractured a metatarsal and with it went all my plans for the Holidays: I had to spend the morning in the ER and let our guests that after all, I was not going to be able to handle making dinner for them. Slowly the anxiety and fear of not being able to DO started to creep in as I was told to wait for the following week to see an orthopedist and had to be on crouches in the meantime. Crouches? Me??What about my kids? And our guest? And oh my gosh I can’t go up the stairs and work at my computer! Will I be able to attend the birth I am on call for in a couple of weeks? Who is going to take the kids to school? I can’t do anything! AND on Christmas Day we are surprising the kids with the puppy they have been longing for so long!My head was a ticking bomb, ready to implode at any minute.I realize that I did not enjoy Christmas at all this year, despite the fact that I had my family and relatives surrounding me, being confined to a chair made me want to check out.But then I had a great chat with a friend of mine. In fact, she was the very first friend I met when I moved to LA and although she is now back in Italy and is a bright and successful journalist, she hasn’t changed a bit when it comes to being present for her friends.

In just few words, she told me that even if on crouches I could do everything, EVERYTHING. She reminded me that when things don’t go as planned, we must find a reason and a positive meaning to the situation we are reluctantly in; she also told me to stop trying finding answers on the internet and that in max 4 weeks I will be back on ( both) my feet.She was right! The following are the observations I have made in the last 7 days:

  • When they say that health is the most important thing we have, it is really true! Even if we momentarily acknowledge it, we often forget, until accidents happen and they do in order to remind us of what is important.
  • Medical staff in hospitals have manners that derive from a fear mongering based training and this is why they need to be approached with love at all times, whether we are giving birth or we need X-rays for a broken limb.
  • Not being able to do everything for my children is an opportunity for the whole family to appreciate each other, help each other and have compassion for each other.
  • My children could definitely use more occasions to grow more of all the above.
  • When people tell you that having a dogs is like having another baby, those people clearly do not have children.
  • I love dogs but I am here publicly coming out as a cat person.
  • Sleeping next to my babies is something I will never grow out of.
  • When things don’t go according to plans the only certainty is that the sun will still come out to play tomorrow and that is the only thing to wait for.
  • There is so much love around us and saying yes to support can be equally hard and necessary.
  • People who have less are usually those who give the most.
  • Two out of three of my children were born in Leap Years and they were both great years so maybe this year I should have had another baby. Just kidding.
This year has been all about pushing myself over any boundary and comfort. I am grateful for the challenge and even more inspired to do the work in 2017. May the year ahead of you be full of Love, Peace, Health and deliciousness…especially in the form of chubby newborn babies……..if you need a photographer who is in love with her mission, I know a great gal…

Color image of close up of baby features while held by his mom still in the birth tub and assessed by the midwife. Moment captured by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services/

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