Fall Family Session 2018

‘Tis is the season for your Fall Family Session 2018!
As the Holidays are rolling upon us faster and faster, this is the best time to call your trusted photographer and book your family session. If you wish to work with me, I have very limited spots available, but I am happy to refer you out to my friends photographers.

Here below are some photos from a recent fall family session 2018 in Santa Monica.
It got me especially nervous because the afternoon we were meant to meet, the fog started to suddenly gloom in Santa Monica as if it were June.
This family was driving from Long Beach to meet me and I felt really apprehensive.

Thankfully, the fog played in our favor and the lighting was even more magical!

I had photographed baby Grant’s birth in May and knew that I was in for a treat when this family asked me to photograph them for their holiday card. Big sister Cora is a sweet little lady and mom and dad are just love match fusion.

It mean the world to see them all together before they embarked a new adventure across the country in search of a new place to call home. They certainly have taken a piece of my heart with them forever.

Have a look and enjoy!

Fall Family Session 2018

fall family session 2018

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