Gentle hospital VBAC

This blog post is dedicated to the story of Malia’s gentle hospital VBAC, that took place at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica.

Malia and her family hold a special place in my heart since I supported them welcoming their first baby, two years ago.

I will never forget Malia’s strength even when after getting to 10 cm with absolutely no pain relief, she pushed and pushed and despite that, she was told baby needed extra help to be born and we consequently ended in the OR.

This time around, I suggested she switched her care and see the Midwives of UCLA, who have recently moved from Westwood to Santa Monica.

Gente VBAC mama during labor

As Malia’s estimated due date approached and baby gave no signs of coming out, we decided to try every trick in my doula bag. So off we went to climb the infamous Santa Monica stairs.

Gentle hospital VBAC mama during pushing

I, few weeks post partum and Malia 1 week overdue.

It was amazing to see how many people must do the stairs as a normal exercise practice. Some running, some climbing them backwards, sideways, some holding a baby!

Whatever works!

Gentle hospital VBAC mama and baby cuddling after birth skin-to-skin

Midwives check for possible perineum tearing after a gentle hospital VBAC

I am sure it must have been simply coincidental but, the day after Malia went into labor and welcomed another little boy earth side, surrounded by two midwives who bowled their eyes out, an amazing nurse and an incredibly supportive husband.

Gentle hospital VBAC dad moments after meeting baby!

… and I, wearing my doula and birth photographer hat, caught this beautiful gentle hospital VBAC all on camera!

If you are curious to know how combining both roles as doula and birth photographer is not only possible but a great way to optimize your birth team, drop me a line. I would love to hear from you!

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