Homebirth in Hermosa Beach

A few weeks ago I was covering a photographer colleague during Shabbat, thinking that baby, of course, would wait for her and be born right after.
Jokes on the photographers, babies do as they please and so here I am on a early Saturday morning racing to this beautiful homebirth in Hermosa Beach to photograph this beautiful family welcoming their third baby.
As I walked in, the older children had just woken up and were getting dressed and fed. Mom was so emotional as soon as they run to hug her, asking, of course, when would baby be born.

older siblings hug mom during her homebirth labor in Hermosa beach
Grandma was mending the birth tub. Tirelessly encouraging her daughter through out contractions and pretty much taking care of everyone in the house.
Dad was being dad and I taking care of whatever business he had to , whether it was taking the children for a breath of fresh air, staying in touch with me when I stepped out for a breather or keeping the midwives updated.
Mom floated in the birth tub for a while, but as contractions became stronger she decided to lay down in bed, where she ultimately gave birth surrounded by her whole family.

mom and daughter connection during labor at home in hermosa beach

They all had different guesses about the gender of baby, but older brother was 100% certain it would be a girl. He kept rubbing mom’s belly and smiling and doing summer salts in the living room, as if nothing was really going unexpected. He knew exactly what was coming. And he was right: mom birthed a baby girl to the ohhhhs and ahhhs of everyone around – excepts older brother.

family members reaction to discovering their surprise gender baby is a girl

mom's reaction to discovering she has birthed a girl!

midwives tells mom it's a girl!

everyone's reaction to discovering mom has birthed a girl!

These are some of my favorites moments from this birth. I particularly loved documenting the deep love big sister and big brother felt immediately for their baby sister. It was something contagious that made mom and dad teary with happiness.

mom and baby do skin to skin

big brother and big sister love on baby girl

big brother and big sister love on baby girl

big brother and big sister love on baby girl

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