Homebirth in the South Bay

I am so thrilled to share about a recent Homebirth in the South Baby, that I had the greatest honor to capture in pictures and video.

My very own midwife Blyss attended this Homebirth in the South Bay; it was extra special for me share the birth space with her once again.Midwife Blyss fills up the birth tub with water during a homebirth in the south bay

This lovely family had been wanting another baby for quite sometimes. Therefore, they invited grandma and aunt to be there along with doula, dad and big sister to be.

Doula and dad hold space for mom during a homebirth in the south bay

Mom labored very quietly and serenely through the night; the house was beautifully decorated in anticipation of Halloween, which was few days away.

Grandma spend most of the night sewing receiving blankets. Auntie was sleeping. Big sis-to-be was also sleeping (in her crib); and dad spent most of the night laying next to mom- sneaking a nap here and there 🙂

As the sun started to rise, the little photographer in me got very excited for the morning light pictures: mom was finally ready to get in the birth tub and push her baby out. She did just so with a couple of pushes.

mom and dad welcome baby girl during their homebirth in the south bay

Baby was covered in vernix, so much so that dad smeared some of it on mom. Her battle strikes, he said!

Big sister was thrilled to have a new friend to play with- forever! And she was also very excited to eat her reward ‘healthy treats’.

Needless to say, it was a magical Homebirth in the south bay. I really loved connecting with every single human and furry being who was there holding space for this baby girl to land safely and peacefully earth side.

Would you like to book me as your birth photographer and videographer? I always love to connect and talk about birth. If I am not able to work with you, I’d be happy to refer you to a trusted colleague.

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