How to Write the Perfect Holiday Card

Black and white image of three children smiling at the camera captured in Los Angeles by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services
Perhaps you spent the Thanksgiving week end with family, eating away your appetite and happiness of being reunited with your relatives from far and wide. Perhaps you finalized your holidays shopping taking advantage of Black Friday.
Or maybe you had a mellow 4 days break pondering over this bizarre 2017 drawing to an end in just a few weeks.
Whether you celebrate the upcoming Holidays with gifts exchange or not, one thing is certain: we all like to receive and (hopefully) send well wishing cards to friends and family.
Here are few tips to help you make the task easy, fast, enjoyable and stylish.
1) Choose an awesome photo.
Pick one of your most recent family photos. It might have been taken during a vacation, a hike, or during a stroll in your favorite spot in town.
If you do not have a favorite photo, there is still a little bit of time for hiring a professional photographer and most of us offer during this time of year, specials and mini sessions deals.
If you are a parent, it can be a photo of your children but please, remember that in 50 years from now you might enjoy seeing this holiday card and look back at the memories it evokes.
2) Create a design.
Think about what style best suits your family. What is the sentiment you wish to send
out to your family and friends.
If you do not feel creative or tech savvy enough, you can always hire someone to help you and most photographers offer Holiday cards order as part of their services.
Order your cards by the end of November in order to avoid rush mailing or having them delivered late.
3) Make a list.
Think who you would like to send your cards to. Family members, close friends, neighbors, business acquaintances (especially your best clients), and anyone who you think might appreciate receiving cheerful and well-wishing card from you.
4) Mail your cards.
Make sure you add the appropriate postage and correct address to your cards envelopes and mail them in two weeks before Christmas. You will appreciate the post office being slammed and you not having to worry about it.
5)Make sure you spell your last names plural correctly and save your grammar reputation.
Not sure how to?
Follow this link and enjoy a good laugh!
If you wish to hire me as your Holiday cards photographer, you can contact me here.


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