The Last Birth of 2018

Black and white image of mother and father admiring their newborn baby minutes after birth. These are the sweet moments parents get to savour undisturbed if the choose to birth at home. Picture captured by Los Angeles birth Photographer Diana Hinek for ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services

It has been only a couple of days since the birth of this cherub and I am still riding the wave of his magical arrival earth side.
Mom was 10 days past her estimated due date and she had been so sure he would arrive earlier.
The last few days of her pregnancy had been a constant battle against fear of baby arriving too late to birth at home. Unfortunately the California laws do not allow midwives to support home-birth past 42 weeks of pregnancy. Obviously these laws have been made by home-birth haters money lovers. But I diverge…

All this time I have been in owe of this mama, who every day she didn’t wake up with contractions and every night she would go to bed still pregnant, found strength nevertheless and courage to express her feelings, accepts them and trust her baby.

I truly believe this was her kink to over come: for some it’s the pregnancy, for others it’s the birth, or the breastfeeding, sometimes just the parenting itself.

We all walk into this journey with a different baggage, with a lesson to learn and the opportunity to soften our heart.

It is simply a joy to witness, when their triumph radiates to everyone around them.

This mama’s victory has been my pride and happiness.

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