Rainy Baby

I go to sleep content tonight. After years we finally have a winter here in Southern California and thanks to the rain we are almost safe from the drought. In the last few days we seemed to have been so attuned with Mother Nature. Days of rain and the break from it for a sunny day on #womensmarch, at least here in LA.
I couldn’t go to the march because I am still walking around with a broken foot but also that very same day the baby I was waiting for the month of January nudged his mom that it was time to get ready for his arrival.
I go to sleep content tonight. As I learn to follow the leads that life gives me and I am able to let go of the frustration of wanting to control and organize.
Sometimes it is helpful, but often it’s just not possible.
So I let go and follow the flow. I still need permission to share the story of this sweet baby, but I can tell you that my own oxytocin was sky rocketing during the last 36 hours.
I go to sleep content tonight, as I can still the taste of joy of discovering that Shadman was the midwife on shift. She was MY midwife 8 years ago who took care of me while I was giving birth to my first baby. She hasn’t changed a bit and yet she has gained the wisdom of an ancient soul. Shadman the Shaman.
Not only she was there but after few hours my own Doula Giuditta from that same birth-day showed up, still breathing with a smile on her face with her own clients. My birth team supporting other moms giving birth to their miracles all at ones.
Too much to handle before my heart explodes, I thought. But no, there was more for me to re joy from as in Italy at the very same moment my friend gave birth to her baby boy. Not only did she have the birth she wished for, but she created this little man who has a story of 100 hundred years to tell just by looking into his eyes, who looks so much like his dad and mom and made me so emotional to think that my little friend – the one whom I have known since I can remember I had memories – is now a mom.
I go to sleep content tonight, with my cup full and my heart overflown.


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