Special Guest

This week I have the pleasure to introduce you to my wonderful birth keeper sister Dr. Grace, PT, DPT.
Grace is a physical therapist, birth doula, and Co-Creator of Dr. Grace Physical Therapy. She is certified in treating women during pregnancy and post-partum. She is passionate about supporting women through life’s transitions using manual therapy, yoga, meditation, and education.
In this post she offers suggestions for healthy exercising during pregnancy.
“Women often ask me why their posture looks different after pregnancy. During pregnancy, our spinal curves do in fact become deeper. In 9 months, it is not just the belly that grows, but did you know that each breast gains about a pound! As the weight accumulates in the front of the body, the center of gravity changes and falls in front of the ankles as opposed to directly over the ankles. The shoulders round forward, the head protrudes forward, and the pelvis tips forward, and then often we compensate by leaning further back. This posture tends to remain even after delivery and unfortunately, worsens by holding Baby on the hips.
Here are three exercises to maintain a healthy spine throughout pregnancy and postpartum.
1) Doorway Pectoralis Stretch 2 x 30 Seconds
2) Cat Cow 2 x10 Repetitions
3) Tree Pose 2 x 30 Seconds
Combine these three exercises with a daily walking program and nutritious foods, in order to help you maintain your height and spinal health during pregnancy. If you are experiencing back pain, seek professional help from your nearest Women’s Physical Therapist or Chiropractor”.


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