Tête-à-tête family session

I love love love this time of year because besides the upcoming festivities I get to celebrate with my family, I often get to see all the ‘birth babies’ and their parents. I have known them since they have become a family and even if just once a year, I am thrilled to see how much they have grown.
I still remember the birth of this little darling and her wonderful mama; being there while dad was on a flight home to meet him.
He has grown so much, yet his little face preserves the innocence of that day.

This year we met at El Matador State Beach, finally re-opened after the Woolsey Fires. Most of the vegetation in the higher part of the reserve is now gone and burnt to ashes, but luckily the beach is spectacular as always.

The day of the photography session there was a high tide, so we had to jump over few rocks and time our steps accordingly , but that added to the fun.

Little Ash was initially worried about the waves taking him and was too concentrate on taming them to pay any attention to his mama’s direction.s But I have learned that children just need time and to be trusted to figure out things on their own terms.

Sure enough, the waves did transform in an opportunity to have fun; and after a while Ash was playing catch and giggling and splashing his feet in the water.
Have a look at some of the photos below and let me know if you wish to work with me in 2019.

Mom holds her son while looking at the ocean during as the sun sets at El Matador State Beach and photographed by ArtShaped Photography and Birth ServicesMother and her son pose for ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services during their family photography session at El Matador State Beach right after the Woolsey Fires.Mother and son sitting on a rock at El MAtador Stae Beach during their family session with ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services

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