The Baptism of Sophie in LA

Having brought up as Catholic in Italy, I am quite familiar with the Baptism Ceremony. When I was recently hired to photograph one, I felt really honored and moved by the fact that it took me back to the colors and moments spent in a church when I was little.
Watching a sweet family coming together to celebrate their first grandchild was so emotional. There were great grand parent and relatives who traveled far and wide for the occasion. Everyone dressed up and embracing the meaning of purification and admission to the Christian community.
At first glance the church worried me because it looked very urban, but once inside, I got reassured that it was going to be a beautiful celebration.
The star of the day is an adorable little doll, who kept smiling even when it was past her nap time and snack time ( read nursing time). Incredibly photogenic and intelligently curious. I am sure you’ll grow into a strong willed and loved young lady, dear one!
Here are some excerpt from the captures of that day.
Top view photographby ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services of baby girl look at the camera in her white Baptsim dress while sitting on a red velvet carpet.

Color image by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services of little girl looking at the camera and taking a break from nursing.

Color portrait of toddler girl during her baptsim photographed by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services.

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