The birth of Baby Grant

I am so excited to share the story of this birth because it was proof that Babies do want me at their births!
Jokes apart, I have shared before how living a life on call is often very hard; not so much because I am constantly hoping that everything will go well for the family I am supporting, but because having a family of my own implies that there are so many factors and decisions and backups that need to be involved. For at least 4 weeks in row. Which often is underappreciated with the result that if I want to go on vacation with my family for a couple of days, I end up having to take the whole month off because ( especially first time) moms want to make sure that as their Doula and Birth Photographer, you are available to them for the five weeks surrounding their due date.
But I digress…
I fell in love with Grant’s Mom from the very first moment I met her in Culver City on a rainy Los Angeles day. She was warm, calm, radiant… a true joy to be around. I was honored to photograph her family at the beach for her maternity session and play in the waves with her daughter, who has the most amazing curls and would make Shirley Temple giggle with joy.
The week Mama B. was due, turned out to be absolutely bananas at my house. My husband had a last minute business trip and my MIL who is usually my rock and my children caregiver when I am at a birth, was suddenly not available.
I have to admit I did panic a few shirts of sweat, but this turned out to be such a great lesson for me to look for a solid network of multiple backups, which I did, at the end find.
Nevertheless, the minute my husband walked home from his business trip, I received ‘the’ text I had been waiting for and the confirmation that Babies are oh ever so kind and so willing to wait and are truly Heaven sent, even when being born is not about their Doula nor Photographer ( but this time I did really think there was a message in there for me too!)
Grant had a beautiful birth in his home in Manhattan Beach. His mama pushed him out in his full 9 lb of goodness, while surrounded by the Midwives, Dad and Big Sister asleep in the room next door.
Here are some images Mom B. gave me permission to share. I simply adore this family!

Mother labors on the birth ball supported by her little girl, who is sipping from her cup, both facing the window where the afternoon light comes in. Moment captured by birth photographer Diana Hinek for ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services.

Black and white image of mother in between labor contractions. Eyes closed and leaning on her birth tub to rest. Image by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services

Color image of mother holding her baby for the first time minutes after birthing him in the birth tub photographed by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services

Black and white image of newborn baby profile with his tiny had next to his face photographed by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services in Redondo Beach, California.

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