The Shapes of Birth

Being born and raised in Italy gives me the opportunity to visit family and friends in gorgeous cities all over Europe. Having married a French man adds an extra delicious bonus and not simply an extra language to mix.
Being so far from my roots though, makes me often forget how the culture and lifestyle we embrace daily have such a huge impact on our thoughts. It’s so easy to go in autopilot mode, camouflage with the flow of what surrounds us and forget to engage with our true selves.
When I recently visited my home town, Verona, I had the honor of meeting the daughter of my best friend for the very first time, although she is already 2 years old. I was so happy to see them both and for my children to meet them. To have ice cream at the same place we used to meet daily 30 years ago and to play at the same playgrounds we went together so many times.
After years, we finally had the chance to talk face to face about marriage and children and our parents and I came to the realization that it’s really up to each of us to be empowered about what life throw at us and find happiness.
Let me back up a little.
As a doula and photographer in Los Angeles I encounter so much judgment in the birth world about how birth should or shouldn’t be. About how one mom has the right to be more celebrated than another because she breastfed her children for 7 years instead of 4. It’s all very passive-aggressive because the social media have played a huge role in allowing us to hide behind a screen and bitch about each other while using emoticons.
Yes, as birth workers we have the mission to make sure mothers preserve their right to birth however they want to and in the most informative possible way. But once that decision is made, there is a huge follow up of support that needs to be made, while often is not.
Instead, there is so much attention towards the shape of how we birth our babies and we often forget that what counts most is how much we love them, before, during and for the 200+ years following their birth.
When I was speaking to my best friend, she really made me realize that nobody should give a damn about what you do with your vagina ( especially during birth) but you!
There are amazing women I know well, who think that they did not give birth to their babies by having a Cesarean birth. How rotten is that??
So after carrying, nourishing and loving a baby for 9 plus months, someone has the guts to say that a mother did not give birth to her baby, just because in the last few hours of the journey something went unexpectedly and the baby was born via Cesarean??
We birth them Ladies, we birth them and we love them.
Tell me by looking at the pictures below that you can absolutely tell how these little Angels were born.

Tell me that you can see a love between them and their beautiful moms that is different than Love with the capital L.

The shapes of how we birth might have an impact on our entrance in this planet, but the amount of love we receive from that moment on is truly what moves us forward in life.

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