What to Wear for your Photography Session

pregnant mom wears a white dress and poses with her feet in the water in Santa Monica at the beach for her maternity photoshoot with ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services

Time to go shopping and driving yourself insane about what is going to look good on you and your family during your session? Perhaps not!

Unless you are a used to be in front of a professional camera, being photographed can certainly feel intimidating. In fact, I hear that most of the time my clients are uncertain about investing in photography services, it’s because they feel very self-conscious about how they are going to look.

Unless the photography in question is birth photography, (where you won’t worry about what is going on around you because -hopefully- your photographer is making such a good job of being a fly on the wall and you are focusing on being in labor and birthing your baby), you will have time to ponder about what you and the other subjects of the photo session will wear, what will your hair look like and which location the session should take place.

When choosing the outfit(s) for your photography session, think about keeping it simple. This is one of those circumstances in life where, simple is more. Meaning that you’d want to pick solid colors and somewhat neutral shades so that the focus of the photos is you and not what you are wearing. Patterns and characters tend to be distracting, so try to limit them in the choice of your clothes. That way your outfit will enhance your expression and create an overall harmonious feeling within the picture.
Wearing all matching colors or white is not necessary either. Instead choose a couple of subtle colors that will fit in the same color scheme.
Having your hair and make up done professionally can be an extra bonus. Especially if you wish to go to town and dare sporting an original hair do that day, but please make sure your make up fits with your personality and style and it’s not something that in 30 years from now, will make you cringe and wonder why you look like a Halloween character.
Remember, you will be treasuring these photos for years to come, so think classic when choosing your overall look.
Accessories can be a fun way to add character to your photos and to involve young children even more during the session. Also they can be easily customized and you can always brainstorm with me about that during our consultation visit.
Please think of the location as a place that will make you feel comfortable. I prefer to work with natural light, so parks, the beach, trails, but also urban settings and your house are my preferred choices.
This photo is a very good example of all the above tips. This mom-to-be found the dress at a thrift store and made it work like a million bucks, She chose white and I think it enhances her adorable baby belly and skin tones. She had her hair and make up done professionally, but she was also ready to get wet in the waves and knew that her hair will get blown by the wind.
Are you rocking a glowing belly? I would love to capture the magic your body can do during pregnancy. Contact me to book a maternity session.


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