When Birth Workers Wear a Belly

Maternity session with ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services on the Santa Monica shore where mom and dad to be embrace in an elegant pose kissed by the sunset light
If you are a birth worker like me, you must know that there comes a time in life when it’s your turn to lean over your community of birth gurus and ask for support during your child’s birth.
I am so happy when I can photograph or provide doula support for a birth worker friend because I know we already speak the same language and it’s like being in the middle of a giant party full of happy puppies.
I recently had the honor and pleasure to photograph a wonderful physical therapist named Katie.
Pregnant mother engulped by the sunset light walking on the Santa Monica shore and photographer by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services
I met Katie when I was recovering from my third baby’s birth and it’s been a joy to see her walking into her pregnancy as gracefully as she wears her radiant belly.
I can not wait to meet her baby and photographer her family in a few weeks.
For now, please enjoy a few takes from this sweet session at the beach.
Pregnant couple hold hands in front of the sunset during their maternity photography session with ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services


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