Birth Tub Rental

Color image of woman resting on the edge of a birth tub. She is wearing a torquise top bralette and has her head turned on the side. Image courtesy of Los Angeles Birth Photographer Diana Hinek for ArtShped Photograohy and Birth Services.

Birth Pool in a box is a hospital grade birth tub that accommodates two people (and baby).
It is Eco friendly and made without latex, lead and cadmium.

How does it work?
Great for buoyancy, Birth-Pool-in-a-Box has an internal depth of 26″ and since the sides are stiff when inflated, you can fill water to a depth of 23″.
Approximate filling time – 40 minutes to 3 hours (depending on your water pressure and the size of your hot water tank.)
The approximate time to inflate is 15-25 minutes.

What is included?

  • One single-use disposable for enhanced safety and hygine.
  • Inflating pump.
  • Submersible water pump (sump pump) to remove the used water.

What you’ll need

  • A tarp is required underneath the tub.
  • One standard faucet adapter that will fit yours.
  • Lead-free hose to fill tub.
  • Hose to empty tub.


The Eco Tub rental price is price is $225 plus tax ($21.38). One-Way Delivery or Pick-up is available for $60. Otherwise you are required to obtain and return the tub from ArtShaped Photography in Santa Monica (please inquire for address).


You are required to clean the tub unless you purchase the cleaning option for $50. Improperly cleaned tubs will incur a $75 fee.
Additional rental weeks: $50/week, if requested in advance. $75/week for late returns.

Terms and Conditions

The tub becomes available at 37 weeks of pregnancy and it needs to be returned after the birth, no later than 2 weeks after the EDD.

I kindly request that you return the tub shortly after the birth even if it is before the end of the rental period.
A refundable deposit of $75 is required. This deposit is due IN ADDITION to the tub rental fee and will not secure a rental reservation. It is retained to protect against damages or improper cleaning.

Additional Costs

  • Improper cleaning fee: $75 (cleaning instructions are provided – please follow closely).
  • Late fee: $75/week
  • Damages/Missing Items fee:
    • Repair tub approximately $200
    • Replace sump-pump approximately $60
    • Replace inflating pump approximately $70


To reserve your tub and for all inquiries please contact me here.