Birth Photography FAQ

Why should I hire a birth photographer?
You are about to embark in one of the most epic journey of your life. Most moms will tell you that although memorably intense, birth can also be hard to recall in details.
As your birth photographer I will professionally document each moment of your quest for meeting your baby, so that you will treasure a collection of images from that day’s emotions for years to come.

When should I book you as my birth photographer?
I am currently taking 2-3 births at month; I recommend that you inquiry during your second trimester at latest, so that we have enough time to meet and discuss your envision.

How “graphic” will my photos be?
I provide a collection of images that will cover the full range of emotions representing your birth. Therefore, there will be some images that are more graphic than others, some will capture your feelings, some the details of the day, some will capture the moment your baby will take her first breath and lock her eyes on you. Although graphics, some images will simply mirror the rawness and uniqueness of the moment.

Do you use flash during a birth?
Whether you are laboring outdoor or indoor, I prefer to photograph using natural light whenever possible. With that said, If during your labor it becomes necessary to use an extra source of light, I will use a flash indirectly bounced off the ceiling.

When should I call you if I go into labor?
Please let me know whenever there is a change or you feel you might in labor. Even if you think it is early, I rather have extra time to get my family ready and navigate my way through the Los Angeles traffic.

What if my birth takes a really long time?
I will join you when you are in active labor and stay with you through out your birth; if are birthing at the hospital and at some point decide to have an epidural, I will step out and rest close by until it is time to meet your baby.

What if I schedule a Cesarean?
I will meet you at the hospital and capture your VIP arrival 🙂
While in the OR and if the hospital allows it, I will be right next to you and your partner. After the birth of your baby I will take pictures of you and your family bonding and the arrival of any family members who might join you to meet your baby, immediately after birth.

What if something goes “wrong” during the birth?
We will discuss this during your client meeting, but unless unsafe I will continue photographing. Also, I will do my best to read the situation and trust my judgement, but ultimately you will be in charge of deciding whether you wish for me to keep documenting your birth or not.

How do I book a session?
Please contact me directly and I will get right back to you.

What education do you have?
I hold a Master Degree of Science in Digital and Photographic Imaging from The University of Westminster in London, UK.