Color image of woman in a birth tub photographed by Los Angeles Birth Photography Services ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services. Her face is toward the camera top view. Another woman reaches out with both arms in between mother's legs. A man holds mother by the shoulders and looks down.
 Your Los Angeles Birth Photography Services is ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services

honoring the adventure of your heart
from baby to belly

The day our children are born we cease to love with moderation.
Thus, they become our reason to live.
In fact, not only are they the personification of our challenges, but also the manifestation of our strengths.
Let me help you relive these emotions through my lens.
Are you planning a Homebirth? Hospital Birth? Birth Center Birth? California based, ArtShaped Photography offers Birth Photography services in Santa Monica and through out the Los Angeles area. Let me show you what the Essence of Birth looks like.

Undoubtedly, there is tremendous joy in witnessing the unfolding pace of a family’s rhythm.

Certainly from pregnancy through birth, but also during the slow, yet furious days that follow.

For this reason, as your Los Angeles birth photographer and Doula, I am passionate about honoring your parenting quest.
Moreover, my mission is to guide you and inspire you to remember and, above all, cherish the present moment through my Los Angeles Birth Photography; no matter your race, gender and orientation.
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I serve West LA through our the greater Los Angeles areas and I strive to honor the journey of your heart.

Most importantly, I am here to empower you and celebrate you through a deep understanding of the passage of life within the reflection of the beauty and rawness of birth photography and videography.

“Sometimes you’ll never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory”. Dr Seuss

Furthermore, pregnancy is such a delicate, exhilarating period of our lives.

Nonetheless, it can also bring a substantial amount of stress.

Embracing change is therefore the first step towards a conscious journey to parenting.
But you don’t have to feel overwhelmed and isolated!
In fact, I believe that with the appropriate support, you can create an experience than is empowering and memorable.
Equally before and beyond birth.
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