Like a Wolf Pack

This week has been full on emotions and political changes that were not anticipated. Whether or not you agree with the majority of the States electing Donald Trump as the new President, here in California is no secret that we were expecting a different outcome.
When I say expecting I catch myself realizing that maybe we should have hoped for a different outcome and never expect it.
Although it is certainly not my intention to get political on my blog, I feel compelled to try to switch your attention to the fact that no matter how you feel today, there is most likely a core of people who surround you with love and compassion and who are ready to catch all your tears, until we can move on and make the best of all this mess.
For me that group of people is my family, messy and loud at times, but tight like a wolf pack.
As a photographer I have the privilege to witness the dynamics of family love and appreciation everyday and more especially as the Holidays Season is approaching.
Last week end, I photographed 4 different families at Tongva Park, in Santa Monica.
If you haven’t been, Tongva Park is a mini Central Park in the heart of downtown Santa Monica. It’s very urban and yet very green with many native plants, recycled water fountains, a playground and an elevated sculptured platform that makes the view of any ocean sunset breathtaking.
Three brothers on a tree root at Tongva Park in Santa Monica Ca, posing for ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services
It is a park that has grown on me as I usually tend to prefer the beach. It has so many hidden pocket that make each shot unique and the fast changing light of a November afternoon can make it even more magical.
Color image captured by ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services of a family of three with mom, dad and daughter posing in the sunset light at Tongva Park in Santa Monica

Everytime I see this park, it has somewhat changed from the time before. Plants are taller and of a different color, yet they make the park looking so dynamic and uniform at the same time.

Father and daughter pose at Tongva park in the native plants for ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services

This is the time of the year where we naturally turn inwards and start estimating how the whole year behind us has been. This is when we draw the sum of our actions and the results of the past few months.
Especially this Fall, I believe we MUST make notice of what is happening around us and embrace the fact that there is lots of work to do and lots of different voices and opinions to hear.

Two moms and their daughter snuggle in front of ArtShaped Photography and Birth Services camera at Tongva park California.

Above all, we must remind ourselves that peace and respect start within us and that the first people who we can affect most are those closest to us: our core, our children and our family.
Kindness is a privilege that needs to become the norm, kindness does not cost a thing, so please let’s spread it all around us and beyond.
If you wish to book me for a family session in preparation of the Holiday season, please click here.


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